Ultralight Self Inflating Sleeping Pad


  • BeCamp ULTRALIGHT SLEEPING PAD is your best choice whenever you are camping, hiking or just enjoying picnic with your friends or family. Sleep comfortably all night and enjoy every moment you spend in the wilderness.
  • SELF-INFLATING CAMPING PAD inflates quickly and easily. Don’t waste your time with complicated and frail valves; our sleeping pad was designed for your maximum convenience and has a sturdy and easy inflatable valve.
  • BeCamp SLEEPING PAD is LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT and PORTABLE. It will help you save precious space in your bag or backpack, so you can take more important things with you every time you are traveling, fishing or simply spending the night outdoors.
  • WATER-RESISTANT, DURABLE AND COMFY. These are three main features of this lightweight and compact camping pad. Our Sleeping Pad was designed and produced to give you maximum comfort and yet is really affordable.
  • LIFETIME GURANTEE OR 100% MONEY BACK. In case something goes wrong you will have all your money back. Also our Camping Pad comes with easy-to-use repair patch that can be used literally by anyone.

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