Extra Wide Long Sleeping Pad – Self Inflating Sleeping Camping Foam Inflatable Pad – Comfortable Sleeping Mat – Premium Camping Backpacking Hiking Mattress for Men and Women – Great for Tent Travel

  • PREMIUM SELF INFLATING SLEEPING PAD is wide, long and thick. It creates a more comfortable environment every time you are sleeping outdoors, backpacking, camping, hiking or just enjoying a picnic with your family, kids or friends. It can be used inside or outside a hammock or tent.THICK FOAM SLEEPING PAD provides some extra warmth and protection from cold ground beneath you, making it much more comfortable than similar sleeping mats thanks its thick foam 2 inches. The extra thick foam makes it a perfect choice for camping in chilly weather, especially if you combine it with a tent or sleeping bag.

    OUR PREMIUM OUTDOORS WIDE SLEEPING PAD has extended length to maximize your feeling of comfort whatever your height is. It is also wider and thicker than other foam camping self inflating sleeping mats, which makes it a great choice for all season camping, hiking or backpacking.

    LONG SLEEPING PAD FOR CAMPING is BIG, DURABLE, WATERPROOF AND VERY COMFORTABLE. Our sleeping mattress for camping was designed to give you maximum comfort and yet is not expensive. This premium self inflating sleeping pad is your best choice for any outdoor activities.

    EXTRA WIDE SLEEPING PAD is made of ecofriendly and very durable materials. It will serve you well for a long time. Additionally you are covered by our LIFETIME WARRANTY, which means if anything happens to your pad, we’ll send you a new self inflating pad for free!

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